what m+ garbage do i have to deal with this week?

what garbage affixes do i have to deal with this week?




Legend: easy difficulty | medium difficulty | hard difficulty

What is an "affix"?

An affix is a modifier applied to a mythic keystone at set levels. Different combinations occur every week, with the combinations eventually repeating on a set schedule.

Explaining affix difficulty

Affix difficulty ratings are crowdsourced, meaning they are assigned a difficulty based on user feedback. I will be rolling out a new survey when we've seen more of the affixes and how they play in the new dungeons.

Level 2 affixes
(these occur on all keystones, alternating weekly)

  • Fortified

  • Tyrannical

Level 4 affixes
(one affix will occur at +4 per week)

  • Bolstering

  • Raging

  • Sanguine

  • Teeming

  • Bursting

Level 7 affixes
(one affix will occur at +7 per week)

  • Necrotic

  • Skittish

  • Volcanic

  • Explosive

  • Quaking

  • Grievous

Seasonal affixes (+10)
(these occur on all keystones throughout the season at keystone level 10 and do not rotate weekly for the duration of the season)

  • Infested

  • Reaping

  • Beguiling

Weekly schedule for affixes

These may not be entirely correct as there are undocumented affix schedule changes!

Baseline 2 (+4) 3 (+7) Seasonal (+10)
Fortified Bolstering Grievous Beguiling
Tyrannical Raging Explosive Beguiling
Fortified Sanguine Grievous Beguiling
Tyrannical Teeming Volcanic Beguiling
Fortified Bolstering Skittish Beguiling
Tyrannical Bursting Necrotic Beguiling
Fortified Sanguine Quaking Beguiling
Tyrannical Bolstering Explosive Beguiling
Fortified Bursting Volcanic Beguiling
Tyrannical Raging Volcanic Beguiling
Fortified Teeming Quaking Beguiling
Tyrannical Raging Necrotic Beguiling

Group considerations

Group makeup barely matters at low keystone levels. There is little reason to sweat your group composition on keys below 5-6. Bring the player, not the class.

That being said, your group composition will always be one tank, one healer, and three DPS. Multi-tank strategies are not viable.

It's important to build a group that is well rounded in order increase your chances of completing a keystone within the timer. This means bringing consumables to make up for gaps in your group composition.

When considering your group composition, it is also to consider what each class can bring to the table. Does your group have:

  1. Ways to dispel buffs on enemies?
  2. Ways to dispel debuffs on allies?
  3. Multiple interrupts or other CC to stop enemy casting?
  4. Strong CC for difficult trash pulls?

Again, selecting your group carefully matters mostly for higher level keys where the difficulty of the run is often very high. For lower level keystone runs, group makeup is not as important as it is easy to power through most of the content. Just saying. Do what you want. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Mandatory (at least above keystone level 5)

  1. Current food
  2. Current flasks
  3. Current potions
  4. Repair mount/Auto-Hammer/Jeeves/Reeves

"Missing a class" consumables

  1. Drums (any tier is fine, they all give 25% haste): makes up for no Bloodlust/Heroism/Time Warp/Hysteria, etc
  2. War-Scrolls of Battle Shout (attack power buff), Fortitude (stamina buff), Intellect (intellect buff): makes up for no warrior/priest/mage, respectively

Optional/niche/high key consumables

  1. Invisibility potions (used for skipping troubling trash packs at high key levels)
  2. Tome of Tranquil Mind (you are allowed to step out of the instance to change talents using a tome)
  3. Proving Grounds health stone


Complete a keystone run within the timer to upgrade a keystone to the next level.
Example: Your group completes Atal'Dazar +6 in 37 minutes and 32 seconds. The par timer is 39 minutes, the keystone levels up from level 6 to level 7 and rolls a new random dungeon.

Complete a keystone run with 20% of the timer remaining and upgrade the keystone 2 times in one go.
Example: Your group completes The MOTHERLODE!! +5 in 30 minutes and 54 seconds. The par timer is 39 minutes, so the keystone levels up from level 5 to level 7 and rolls a new random dungeon.

Complete a keysone run with 40% of the timer remaining and upgrade the keystone 3 times in one go.
Example: Your group completes Shrine of the Storm +2 in 19 minutes and 34 seconds. The par timer is 39 minutes, so the keystone levels up from keystone level 2 to keystone level 5 and rolls a new dungeon.

Didn't beat the timer? That's ok. Your keystone doesn't deplete anymore, it just levels down by 1 and rerolls the dungeon.
Example: Your group completes Waycrest Manor keystone level 5 for Waycrest Manor to keystone level 4 for The Freehold.

Don't have a keystone? Completing a keystone run will net you a key at the end of the run. This keystone will be one level under the keystone run level you complete. You can also get a key from the final boss of any Battle for Azeroth mythic dungeon.
Example: you complete a The Freehold +7 - the chest at the end will have a random +6 key in it. Example 2: you completed a +0 The MOTHERLODE!! - the chest at the end will have a +2 keystone for a random dungeon in it.

Time penalty for deaths

Five seconds are subtracted from the timer any time a player dies in a keystone run. While this may seem inconsequential at first, the time lost to death will add up quickly if players die to mechanics frequently. This can easily result in missing the timer.

Instance Timer and Requirements for "Level Jumps"

Name Par time +2 keystone levels +3 keystone levels
Atal'Dazar 30:00 24:00 (6:00 left on the timer) 18:00 (12:00 left on the timer)
Freehold 33:00 26:24 (6:36 left on the timer) 19:48 (13:12 left on the timer)
The MOTHERLODE!! 39:00 31:12 (7:48 left on the timer) 23:24 (15:36 left on the timer)
Shrine of the Storm 42:00 33:36 (8:24 left on the timer) 25:12 (16:48 left on the timer)
Temple of Sethraliss 36:00 28:48 (7:12 left on the timer) 21:36 (14:24 left on the timer)
Tol Dagor 36:00 28:48 (7:12 left on the timer) 21:36 (14:24 left on the timer)
The Underrot 33:00 26:24 (6:36 left on the timer) 19:48 (13:12 left on the timer)
Waycrest Manor 39:00 31:12 (7:48 left on the timer) 23:24 (15:36 left on the timer)
Kings' Rest 42:00 33:36 (8:24 left on the timer) 25:12 (16:48 left on the timer)
Siege of Boralus 36:00 28:48 (7:12 left on the timer) 21:36 (14:24 left on the timer)


Level Loot at the end Weekly Chest
0 400 -
2 405 410
3 405 415
4 410 420
5 415 420
6 415 425
7 420 430
8 425 430
9 425 435
10+* 430 440

The chest at the end of the run guarantees the GROUP two pieces of loot from the dungeon loot table. If you beat the timer you will be awarded one extra piece of loot.

In addition, roughly every 5 difficulty levels past 10 will award you with an additional piece of loot (after 10 it's an additive 40% chance per key level for extra loot). +11 has a 40% chance of dropping one extra item, +13 has a 100% chance to drop an extra item (with a 20% chance to drop another extra item) and +15 has a guaranteed chance to drop two extra items for five items total from the chest.

At the start of a week (after raid/mythic reset) a chest will appear in your Battle for Azeroth city awarding one piece of loot. It will also contain Azerite (aka Battle for Azeroth artifact power) and Titan Residuum, a new currency used to buy targeted Azerite armor. More on that below. The loot item lvl is determined by the highest level keystone run COMPLETED the previous week, within the timer or not.

In addition, the chest will also have a downgraded keystone based on the highest level keystone run completed in the season, degrading by 1 level every week you don't complete a run higher than your previous highest.

Example: You complete a +11 one week and it is your highest completed run. Next week you get a +10 keystone from your chest. That same week you don't complete anything higher than a +10. Next reset you get a +9 key from the chest.

*It will be most beneficial to complete a +10 every week to get the highest gear value from your weekly chest.

Titan Residuum

Level TR in weekly chest
10 17000
11 17900
12 18800
13 19700
14 20600
15 21500
16 22400
17 23300
18 24200
19 25100
20 26000

The weekly cache no longer awards a random Azerite armor piece, but instead awards a new currency called Titan Residuum. Titan Residuum can also be acquired from scrapping or disenchanting Azerite armor pieces.

Titan Residuum can be used to buy targeted Azerite pieces from Thaumaturge Vashreen.

Useful stuff



  • GottaGoFast - All-in-one mythic+ timer. Shows % value of mobs on tooltip, timers required for +2/+3 chest and times that objectives are completed.
  • Angry Keystones - Another take on the keystone/mythic+ timer. Displays affix rotation schedule and current affixes as well as providing chest timers and kill count % ingame. Also styles keystone links ingame to show you what dungeon they're for.

Keystone and group information

  • Method Dungeon Tools - Plan out routes, then use a shareable interactive map to make sure your group is on the same page.
  • Raider.io Addon - Hover over players in the world, guild, etc and get their raider.io score. The addon comes with an updater client to automatically get people's scores from raider.io!
  • Astral Keys - Shows keys for guild mates, Battle Net friends and alts. It also shows if your friends/guildies have done a 15+ or not!


  • BFA Dungeons - Comprehensive alerts for trash and boss abilities. Covers things bossmods do not. Absolutely invaluable.
  • Explosive affix Weakaura - Highlights active explosive orb nameplates and provides a tracker of active explosive orbs.
  • Interrupt tracker - Tracks interrupts of your group members inside keystone runs.
  • TimeToDie - A no frills time-to-target-death indicator. Useful for timing cooldowns, etc.
  • RaidCDs WeakAura - A WeakAura to track raid/group utility CDs (i.e Barkskin, Blessing of Sacrifice, etc).
  • Effective Health - Magic and Physical - It shows you how much physical and magic damage you can take. Based on current health, absorbs, and defensive cooldowns from yourself and others.

Stats, tools, and guides

  • raider.io - Raider.io has all kinds of tools including character specific M+ tracking, successful run comp tracking, and ranks for m+ dungeons. Community created! Their addon is probably the most useful group building/vetting addon you'll find as it uses their scoring system to show you how experienced players are.
  • Questionably Epic - Easy-to-digest dungeon guides and an addon that provides tips and strategy reminders throughout dungeons. Community created!
  • MPH - (Mythic Plus Helper) Looks up group candidates and returns item level equipped/highest, total mythic plus runs and Heart of Azeroth level! Be sure to get the addon for ease of use. Community created!


  • Mythic+ Friends Discord - The largest M+ Discord server aimed at helping players form groups and teaching new players about mythic plus.
  • Mythic+ EU - Mythic plus group finder server for the EU.
  • RU MythicKeys - Russian group finding and key pushing server.

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  • Adjusted Freehold to be 33 minutes per 8.2 patchnotes.