A really quick guide with some videos! The videos are in webm format and should play on most devices. Let me know if they don't!

The Mechanic

Encrypted causes some packs of trash mobs and all bosses to have Encrypted Relics as additional enemies. The relics provide buffs to the trash and bosses. The buffs go away as the relics are defeated.

  • The Urh Relic causes periodic AOE damage.
  • The Vy Relic gives the affected mobs 15% increased haste.
  • The Wo Relic causes the affected mobs to take 25% less damage.
Some gorms with relics. The relic shapes are obscured by nameplates.
Some gorms with the relics. The relic shapes are obscured by nameplates.

The first relic that dies in combat determines the miniboss you have to fight. After one relic is defeated, the others die automatically. For the visual learners, here's a quick video showing the Urh Relic dying first, then the other relics despawning, then the Urh Dismantler miniboss spawning.

All relics being defeated and spawning an Urh Dismantler.

The Minibosses

Each miniboss has different abilities. Here's a quick breakdown of what each miniboss does:

  • Killing the Urh Relic first will cause the Urh Deconstructor to spawn after all the relics are dead. The Urh Deconstructor has two abilities: Deconstruct, a medium damage attack which causes the target to take 25% more damage from all sources, and Force Slam, an AOE attack around the miniboss that causes a 1.5 second stun if you get hit by it.

  • Killing the Vy Relic first will cause the Vy Interceptor to spawn after all the relics are dead. The Vy Interceptor shoots random players in range for low damage, and will periodically cast Fusion Beam, causing the Vy Interceptor to teleport away and target a player with a dodgeable line attack that deals heavy damage. Here's a quick video of it:
    A Vy Interceptor teleporting and casting Fusion Beam.
  • Killing the Wo Relic first will cause the Wo Drifter to spawn after all the relics are dead. The Wo Drifter melees the tank for low damage, and periodically casts a spell called Burst, which does high AOE damage after a 3 second cast and can be interrupted.

After the miniboss is defeated, it awards the group a buff!

The Buffs

When a miniboss is defeated, the group is awarded a buff. Each miniboss awards a different buff. Here's a list of the buffs each miniboss awards:

  • Defeating the Urh Dismantler awards Decrypted Urh Cypher: 200% cooldown reduction on all abilities, and restores 10% HP and 10% mana every second for 10 seconds.
  • Defeating the Vy Interceptor awards Decrypted Vy Cypher: 15% increased haste, and a chance on hit to do additional damage or chance on heal to do additional healing.
  • Defeating the Wo Drifter awards Decrypted Wo Cypher: 150% increased movement speed, 15% damage reduction, out of combat stealth.

Here's what it looks like when a miniboss is defeated and you are awarded a buff:

A Vy Interceptor being defeated and awarding a buff. Also, the author playing a hunter and wasting part of his cooldowns by casting filler. 🙃


Here are some notes I've jotted down after running a few keys this season:

  1. Urh rules.
  2. Wo drools. Just kidding, I have come around to it. It's become meta to use Wo in De Other Side, Tazavesh Gambit, Halls of Atonement, etc. Just don't get it when you don't need it.
  3. The Vy Interceptor has a bad habit of teleporting into unpulled trash. Be careful of this, especially if you have pet classes in your group.
  4. You will always get a set of relics with a boss. If you wipe to a boss, you will get a new set of relics when you pull the boss again.
  5. If you wipe on/reset a boss with an Encrypted miniboss active, the miniboss will stick around. You could possibly megamind this to get two buffs during a boss fight.