Come see Azeroth with...



Epidemic has been the home guild for me (domaiN) since the end of Warlords, but I've known the great people that make up this ragtag team since Burning Crusade where we played on Altar of Storms. We're back at it again for Battle for Azeroth - this time on Thrall.

We've been going with the constant ebb and flow of World of Warcraft for a long time and we've aged like a fine wine through it all. Plus we're probably some of the coolest guys and gals you'll ever talk to.

That's cool and all... but what do you do?

Last expansion we burned ourselves out on trying to recruit mythic raiders from a dried up pool of candidates on a dying server. We decided it was time to leave our home since Burning Crusade and move to the big city that is Thrall.

This expansion we're looking to fill out a roster, take down heroic, and figure out where to go after that. We'll also push mythic plus keys like it's going out of style.

We plan on raiding one or two nights a week with Fridays as our confirmed raid night so far. We'll start at 8PM Eastern and run until 12AM Eastern. Every other night you'll catch us pushing keys until our eyes bleed.

That's vague enough for me... I'm in!

Great! I'll defer you to FrankTheTank#1427 on bNet to get negotations going! You can always reach out to me via Discord @ domaiN#2722 or on bNet @ domaiN#1984 as well - but I'll still probably defer you to Frank.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Screenshots and such

Apparently we're the worst at taking screenshots - so here are the few we have.

At least we have good memories!

  • Heroic Guarm

  • Mythic Blackfuse

  • Mythic Flamebender

  • Mythic Imperator

  • Mythic Ursoc

  • Heroic Xavius