I made this site because I was sick of going to Wowhead to look up stuff about mythic plus. The site design annoyed me and information about mythic plus was fragmented across a hundred different blog-style posts. I set out to make a site that was:

  • easy to read and comprehend. You should be able to show your friend who has never done mythic plus before this site as a primer.

  • fast and clean. No third party trackers or ads. No heavy Javascript, no autoplaying videos, no scrolljacking, etc

  • privacy respecting (uBlock Origin should show 0 blocked for this site 😊)

  • a showcase of community made stuff, and a curated list of addons and Weakauras. This mostly started with addons and Weakauras that I used personally, but grew into promoting raider.io early on, and steering people to community Discord servers.

  • easy to contribute to. My interest in World of Warcraft waxes and wanes, but I want to keep the information up-to-date and useful even if I’m not playing the game. Every commit is on Github (for better or for worse - I am an absolute idiot and commit really dumb things), and pull requests are always welcome.

Selfishly, this whole project has also been a way to teach me stuff. I learned a good amount about processing JSON, utilizing APIs, optimizing web servers, CI/CD, etc from all this. I’ve been changing and iterating the backend for this site since it was created. This was a static site that I had to update every week. I have since automated many of those tasks.

Thanks again for visiting! Don’t be a stranger!

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