What’s new?


  • Updated to show Season 3 title cutoffs
  • Added overall affix combo difficulty
  • Cleanup of general information
  • Fix Aberrus reference (lol)


  • Season 3 stuff.


  • Season 2 stuff
  • RIP Valor
  • That’s about it.


  • Dragonflight stuff
  • Removed outdated translations. If anyone wants to translate the site, please reach out on Github

2022-08-02: Season 4 info

  • Updated stuff for Season 4. Let me know if anything is wrong.
  • Shrouded mini-page to come.
  • French translation coming.

2022-03-08: Encrypted info

  • Added a new page with some information about the Encrypted affix.
  • Further proofreading. Man, I’m bad at writing AND editing.
  • Removed the “expect drops to be capped at +10” disclaimer.

2022-02-20: 9.2 is coming!

  • Added Tazavesh timers
  • Added early Encrypted info.
  • Updated item levels all around
  • In the near future I will be removing the jquery library and dictionary translation module in favor of static pages. If anyone wants to help translate mythicpl.us into Portuguese or Spanish, please get in touch with me or submit a pull request on GitHub.


  • Did a LOT OF PROOFREADING. Hopefully things read better now.
  • Added this little news section.
  • Removed some information specific to 9.1 that isn’t really “new” anymore.
  • Removed the Patron section and moved them to a new page. Thank you again to everyone who contributed!
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