Looking back on Legion

Most World of Warcraft players will agree that mythic plus was a major success. There's finally an alternative to raiding or PVP that can be just as engaging. The loot is rewarding. The affix rotations keep things interesting. Players find glory in pushing keystones and groups to their absolute limits.

I'd agree with most World of Warcraft players. Mythic plus added a new facet to a game that I've been playing for long time and it was way more interesting, nuanced, and frankly difficult than I had ever expected it to be. It gave rise to a new community within World of Warcraft - one that puts hardcore raiders and casual players side by side facing down new challenges every week.

Before we jump in to the numbers, Jah and I would both like to thank you for being such a fantastic community and for your continued support. Without you guys there would be no reason to do what either of us do. Keep being excellent - and keep smashing those timers.

Glad to have you,

domaiN ( and Jah (

Now buckle up - it's time to look at a lot of numbers.

successes and failures at 10+ BY DUNGEON

Nothing is better than crushing the timer and getting a +3. Nothing is worse than failing to push a key to the next level by missing the timer by a few seconds. Let's take a look at successes and failures per season so far.


Throughout all seasons in Legion, has indexed 11,665,194 successful runs at keystone level 10 or higher (successful meaning completed within the timer) and 4,429,394 failed runs at keystone level 10 or higher (failed meaning not completed within the timer) which comes out to 16,094,588 RUNS AT 10 OR HIGHER TOTAL! Some quick math gives us a failure rate of about 27.52% (or a success rate of 72.48% if you're a glass half full kind of person). Almost three out of four groups complete 10+ difficulty keystone runs within the timer. Not bad!

Which dungeons had the highest failure rate?

Seat of the Triumvirate and Lower Karazhan were historically the most difficult dungeons. In the 7.2.0 season and 7.2.5 season, Lower Karazhan had a greater failure rate than success rate. In the 7.2.0 season the success rate for Lower Karazhan was 48.92% - in the 7.2.5 season the success rate dropped to 25.46%.


Lower Karazhan finally caught a break in 7.3.0 when the success rate climbed to 61.19%.

Seat of The Triumvirate followed in the footsteps of Lower Karazhan by having two consecutive seasons with a failure rate larger than the success rate. In 7.3.0, Seat's success rate was 29.22%. Seat's success rate rose to 38.34% in 7.3.2, and finally rose to to a success rate of 52.19% in the Legion postseason. For the record, it looks like most people opted to ignore Seat in the postseason as there are only 10,318 10+ difficulty runs indexed for it.


In the following bit we'll take a look at all successes and failures per season based on keystone level and level 10 affix.


The line charts tell a pretty cool story here. Most notable is the difference between the 7.2.0 and 7.2.5 seasons, and also the 7.3.0 and 7.3.2 seasons. Check out the surge of +15s attempted and completed in the latter seasons!

We see an enormous jump in 15s completed in each of the latter seasons because the weekly chest loot threshold was raised in those patches - from +10 awarding the highest level of loot to +15 awarding the highest level of loot.

Also of note is the amount of runs indexed in 7.3.2 compared to any of the other seasons. Around 7.3.2 Blizzard raised the number of runs that would appear on the leaderboards from 100 to 500 which allowed WAAAAAAAAY more runs to be indexed. Shoutouts to Blizzard for that awesome change.

Finally, you might be noticing that in the Legion post season and prepatch seasons that one affix has way more runs than the other. This can be attributed to season length and weekly affix rotation. Fortified occurred more frequently in the Legion postseason than Tyrannical, so we can explain the skew in numbers there. Conversely (at the time these numbers were pulled), Tyrannical had appeared twice while Fortified had only appeared once in the BFA Prepatch season.

team composition analysis

Starting in 7.3.2, started gathering class specialization along with the other data. We pulled the numbers for the top 50 most popular group compositions and crunched some numbers to get a feel for class presence in keystone runs at +10 or higher.

It's pretty nuts.

You'll find that certain specs are missing from the graphs. That means that particular spec wasn't spotted in the top 50 most popular group compositions for that season. Let's switch it up and do a little analysis before we look at the graphs. It's pretty clear that Blood Death Knight and Affliction Warlock are in the majority of groups. In the 7.3.2 Season, a Blood Death Knight tanked in 42 of the 50 most popular group compositions, and an Affliction Warlock DPS'd in 46 of 50.

The trend doesn't really shift in the Legion postseason, with a Blood Death Knight tanking in 44 out of 50 of the most popular group comps. Affliction Warlocks slipped a little bit, down to 41 out of 50 groups.

Then there's an upset in the prepatch season. We see Affliction Warlocks slip in group presence even more, down to 20 out of 50 of the top groups and Havoc DHs swoop in showing up in 50 out of 50 of the most popular group compositions.

Class presence in top 50 group compositions - 7.3.2

Class presence in top 50 group compositions - Legion postseason

Class presence in top 50 group compositions - Prepatch

Now that we've got class presence out of the way - let's take a glance at the top five most popular group compositions by season and keystone difficulty.

What qualifies a group composition to be the "most popular"?

Good question, I'm glad you asked. A group composition is deemed the "most popular" because it has the most runs under its belt. There's no real pretty way to display this, but here we go.

We'll start off by looking at the top five group compositions for keystone runs from +10 to +14, and then see if anything changes in group makeup as the keystones get more difficult - from 15 to 19 and 20+.

top five most popular group compositions in +10 to +14 runs

Boy we sure do see Resto Druids a lot. 10 out of 15 of the most popular group compositions at +10 to +14 runs had a Resto Druid healer. Blood DKs were pretty popular too, clocking in at 11 out of 15 of the top 5 group comps.

top five most popular group compositions in +15 to +19 runs

The trend continues. Blood DKs everywhere! Resto Druids everywhere! Havoc DHs everywhere! Check out the BFA Prepatch season though - Frost Mages appear in 3/5 of the top groups - and we finally see a Priest presence!

top five most popular group compositions in 20+ runs

More Frost Mage presence in the BFA Prepatch season - but it doesn't look like we're escaping the grip that Affliction Warlocks, Blood DKs, and Resto Druids have on mythic plus - at least for the rest of Legion.


Does your brain hurt yet? Mine does.


I can't wait to see what mythic plus is like in Battle for Azeroth, and I can't wait to hear your feedback on all this information.

Without Raider.IO, none of this little foray into stats would have been possible. Be sure to check out all their leaderboards and offerings in the future to see how certain specs and group comps are faring. You can find the leaderboards here.

Finally, the site has been updated with most relevant Battle for Azeroth information, so be sure to check it out before mythic plus releases on September 4th!

Always grateful to have you,